Acres of Fun

Special Holiday Hours:

Tuesday, 29th: 1-4pm, $5 plus skate rental

Wednesday, 30th: 6:30-830pm, $3 plus skate rental

Thursday, 31st: Family Skate 1pm-4pm, $7 plus skate rental

Thursday, 31st: Teen All Night Skate 7pm-7am, $30

Friday, 1st: 1pm-4pm, $5 plus skate rental


Sunday Monday-Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1pm-4pm: $5 plus skate rental

Available for private parties


6:30-8:30pm: $3 plus skate rental

Private Artistic Skating Lessons

Available for private parties

Click here for pricing

Teen Night: Ages 10+  7:00pm-11pm

$6 plus skate rental

12-12:45pm: Group Lessons

1pm-4pm: $5 plus skate rental

7:30pm-10pm: $6 plus skate rental





Family Specials (Not Available Friday night)

Families up to 4 skate for $25.00 with regular skates included

(at least one parent must skate)


Skate Rental

Regular Skates $2.00

Speed Skates $2.00

Inline/Roller Blades $4.00



Group Lessons (will return in late Autumn)

For those just learning how to skate or looking to brush up on their skills, Wooster Skateland offers group lessons!

Advanced Private Lessons Available

  • Skaters must pass beginning lessons and have permission from the instructor before moving to advanced lessons.
  • Skaters will learn: Gliding around cones, crossover, basic backwards skating, turning forward to backward and backward to forward, shoot the duck

Beginning Lessons, $4 includes regular skates (Group Lessons FREE for the Month of October)

  •  Lessons start promptly at Noon so please be here early to get your skates on.
  • Skaters will learn: how to get up, basics of forward skating, stopping