Acres of Fun

 Frequently Asked Questions

All FAQ's are subject to change.



Safety Requirements

Attraction Rules



Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa and Master Card credit cards with matching ID.  Additionally, each credit card transaction must be a minimum of $10.

Do you accept checks?

No, we do not accept personal checks.  For booked groups, we do accept company checks.



What if there is inclement and I've already purchased a wristband?

Please check the weather before purchasing wristbands.  We do not give refunds.  In case of inclement weather, wristbands can still be used for indoor activities.  

What if I've purchased single-activity passes and there's inclement weather?

If you have purchased single activity passes and are unable to use your pass, we will provide you with a rain check to be used within a month's time.  Alternatively, you can exchange the activity for an indoor activity of equal or lesser value (Laser Tag or Play Zone).

What shuts down during rain?

Go-Karts and Batting Cages must shut down during rain.  They cannot re-open until the concrete on the track/in the cages is completely dry.  If it's only raining, bumper boats and mini-golf can stay open.

What shuts down if there's lightening?

Unfortunately, just like at the pool, if lightening is spotted in the area, we must shut down all outdoor activities.  We re-open activities as it is safe to do so.

 I purchased roller skating/Laser Tag/etc. and then I change my mind, can I get a refund?

We do not give out refunds.


Safety Requirements

How do you determine if an individual is tall enough for an attraction?

We have height markers at each attraction.  The attendant at the attraction will determine if an individual is tall enough based on the height marker.  There is no such thing as "close enough".  State and manufacturer rules determine the height requirements for attractions.  Height requirements are set for the safety of the individual.

If a child is not tall enough for laser tag, can they hold the phaser while I wear the vest?

 No, it is not safe to have one individual wearing a vest while another holds the phaser.  

Can I pay the full Play Zone price for a child under 3 years old/36" to play in the larger portion of Play Zone?  What if an adult is with them?

Unfortunately, no.  Manufacturer rules determine the age and height at which children can be in various portions of our play zone.

Can I leave my children unattended in Play Zone?

Children under the age of 3 or under 36" tall must be monitored at all times.  Children over the age of 3 or 36" tall do not need to be monitored however you must remain on the premises while children are in Play Zone.

Does it matter what I'm wearing?

Yes.  Acres of Fun is a family-friendly environment.  Please refrain from wearing clothing referencing drugs, alcohol, "bad" words, or hateful/derogatory comments.  Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.

Play Zone: Everyone must wear socks.  (These can be purchased for $1)  Although shoes come off in Play Zone, please put them back on when exiting the Play Zone area.

Roller Skating: Everyone must wear socks.  (These can be purchased for $1)  Hats are not permitted to be worn while roller skating. Please keep in mind that the skating building will get warm while you are skating, but if you are only observing, you mind find it gets chilly.

Laser Tag: Slip on shoes are not recommended although they are permitted.  If you want to look cool but stick out like a soar thumb, wear neon colors!  Also, don't forget to lint roll those dark pants...

Batting Cages: Everyone must wear closed toed shoes.  (Have you ever taken a foul tip to the toe?  OUCH!)  If you bring your own helmet, it must have a face mask.

Go-Karts: Slip on shoes are not recommended although they are permitted. Hair longer than shoulder length must be secured with a hair tie. (We have rubber bands available)  We will ask that hats be removed.

Bumper Boats: Yes, shoes and shirts must be worn.    


Attraction Rules 

What are the rules for Go-Karts?

You must be 56" tall to drive (58" for our two "Sidekick" karts) and 40" tall to be a passenger.  Passengers are only permitted to ride with a licensed driver.  Passengers in a double kart may not operate the kart in any manner or hold the steering wheel at any time.  Guests meeting the driver height requirement may not ride as a passenger.

Slip on shoes are not recommended.  Hair longer than shoulder length and loose fitting clothing must be secured.  We ask that all hats be removed.

Obey all verbal instructions by track attendants.  Failure to follow all rules and instructions may result in injury to yourself or others and will result in a loss of privileges without refund.

While on Go-Karts, please refrain from using cell-phones, cameras (insert distracting technology here).  Remain seated at all times.  Seat belts must be worn and secure at all times.  Keep your hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the kart at all times.  Keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times.  The gas is on the right, the brake is on the left.

Please do not run in the pit area.  Once you are in your kart, please keep your foot on the brake until your kart has been directed to exit the pit area.  Karts must stay in their single-file line until leaving the pit area.

There is absolutely no bumping, swerving, or pushing other karts with your karts.  (These are NOT bumper cars)  Do not hit or rub the guard rail.  When rounding corners, do not cut off other karts with your kart or squeeze other karts.  Do not swerve your kart unnecessarily.  Pay attention to karts in front of you.  Do not hit slower or stopped karts.

In the event of an accident or spin out, all karts will lose power.  Take your foot off the gas and put it on the brake to stop your karts.  We cannot help karts until all karts have stopped.  Do not begin moving again until signaled to do so.  

A checkered flag will be waved to indicate the last lap.  When you see the flag, go around one more time and then enter the pit area SLOWLY.  Do NOT speed up to "win".  (You will in fact lose by not being allowed to ride again in the future.)  Please remain seated with your seat belt securely fastened until you have been told you may stand up.  

The following guests should not ride.  Persons with head, back or neck ailments, pregnant persons, or persons with heart conditions.  Additionally, any suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to ride.  

O.R.C. 1711.551 requires that riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding this ride and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others.  Failure to comply is a misdemeanor. 

By riding this ride, riders and drivers assume all risks of injury.  Acres of Fun reserves the right to refuse admittance to this ride to anyone.

What are the skating rules?

All skates must be inspected.  We are looking to make sure your skates have toes stops or heel stops.  (No protruding metal or plastic which may scrape the floor)  Roller blade bolts along the wheels must not be protruding in a manner that would scrap the floor should the skater fall.  Skates must not show evidence of outdoor use.  (Rough wheels, rocks or dirt in wheels)

Outside food or drink is not permitted in the building.  Snacks and drinks must be kept in the snackbar area and may not be taken onto the skate floor.

While roller skating, we ask that you refrain from wearing hats or using cell-phones, cameras, etc while on the skating floor.  Please do not take drinks or food onto the skate floor.  Additionally, we ask that you do not chew gum in the skate building.  (Gum on skate wheels, EWWW)  If you are on skates, please do not pick up children.  

Please do not stop along the skating wall.  If you'd like to talk to someone off the skating floor or take a picture, please exit the floor to do so.  Please do not skate against the flow of traffic or cut across the center of the floor.  Please skate with the flow of traffic and refrain from weaving in and out of the skating traffic.  (You may be a proficient skater but those around you may not be)  We do not permit skaters to play tag or form long chains of skaters which may be dangerous to other skaters.

Please limit PDA to holding hands.  No searing or horseplay will be tolerated.  This includes tripping, pushing, chasing, or throwing of objects.

Does Skateland Teen Night have a dress code?

Yes.  Shirt straps must be 1" wide on all tops.  No low cut tops.  No skin showing above finger tip length.  This includes holes in pants.  (Hang your arms relaxed at your side and if you have skin showing above the finger tips you need to wear something else.)  No pajama pants.  Skirts must be longer than knee length.  Hats may not be worn and hoods may not be up.  Socks must be worn with all rental skates.  No references to abusive language, gangs, or violence.

Everyone must wear skates on teen night.  The doors to Acres of Fun typically open around 9pm but will be opened at the manager's discretion.

What are the Bumper Boat rules?

Drivers must be 44" tall to drive.  Passengers must be 40" to ride.  

Passengers must ride with an adult who is at least 18 years old.  The adult must sit in the center of the boat and control steering.  Two children or two adults may not ride together.  There is a weight limit of 275 pounds.  Secure all lose fitting clothing and hair longer than shoulder length.

Please do not stand up in your boat.  Do not splash.  Keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the boat at all times.  No swimming or diving is allowed.  No running, pushing, or horseplay in the dock area.  There is no eating, drinking, or smoking allowed in the boat or dock area.

If any trouble occurs with your boat, please remain seated and raise your hand to let an attendant know you require assistance.

When you are let into the dock area.  Please walk to a boat and WAIT to get in until the attendant comes over to assist you.  When the attendant notifies you that time is up, please steer your boat back to the dock area and wait to stand up or get out of the boat until the attendant assists you.

Any misconduct or failure to follow rules will result in immediate removal from the ride.  Drivers will be held responsible for all damages to persons or property.  Please drive safely.  

This ride is not recommended for individuals who have heart problems, neck/back problems, or may be pregnant.  Any assumed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed in the dock area.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  Participate at your own risk.  Please let the attendant know if you have any questions.

 What are the rules for Play Zone?

Play Zone is for children under age 11.  Children who are under 36" or under the age of 3 must remain in their designated area and by monitored by parents at all times.  No one under the age of 1 is permitted in Play Zone without an accompanying older sibling.  Children over the age of 5 are not permitted in the small children area.  Parents are requested to stay with all children and must remove their shoes to be in Play Zone.  Socks are required to be worn by everyone in Play Zone.

While in Play Zone, there is no running.  Food, drink, candy, or gum are not permitted inside the Play Zone gate.  Climbing of nets is not permitted.  There is no climbing up the purple or pink slides and we ask that the area below the slide be kept clear.  Please do not throw balls at anyone.  In addition, we ask that parents do not pick up and toss their children in the ball pits.  Please observe the posted number of children allowed in the air bounces at one time.  Adults are not permitted in the air bounces.