Acres of Fun

Helpful Hints.

Height and Age Restrictions

For the safety of all guests some of our activities have minimum height and age restrictions (see chart below).  In order to participate in an activity, the guests must meet the minimum requirement.  We do not make exceptions.

All height and age restrictions on activities apply.  These are strict restrictions, ‘almost’ means they cannot participate.

Laser Tag:  48” or taller to play after 6:00 PM and 44” or taller to play before 6:00PM.

Bumper Boats: 44” or taller to drive the boat, 40” or taller to ride must ride with an adult 18 years old or older.

Go-Karts: 56” or taller to drive, 40” or taller to ride must ride with a licensed driver 18 years old or older.

Play Zone: For the larger section:  At least 36” tall.  There is a smaller area for children under 36” tall.

Guests whose height may be in question are measured at the main cashier for retail guests or in one of the picnic areas for group outing members.  Attendants at each activity may also restrict someone from participating if they do not meet the height requirement.  For the safety of children being measured, a standard play shoe which does not contribute excessively to the child’s height is permitted. Platform shoes, boots, or any other similar shoes that artificially adds to the child’s height are prohibited to be worn in order to meet this height requirement.   

Deposits and Payment

We require a non-refundable deposit of $30.00 when the party is booked.  Your party time is not reserved until this deposit is made.  Parties booked online will require the deposit to be made online at time of booking.   For events booked by phone, deposits must be paid over the phone with a credit card, for parties booked in-person at Acres of Fun deposit must be paid when the party is booked.  Events will not be considered booked until the deposit is made. Without the deposit we cannot save your space.

Payment is due in full the day of your party. All deposits will reduce the amount due on the day of your party. For parties exceeding 12 total guests your will be charged for 80% of the packages (both player and non-player) guests confirmed. Changes to the number of guests must be made by Monday before your party.

We accept cash as well as Visa, Mastercard, or Discover cards.  We do not accept checks.

Sales tax is not included in listed prices and will be added to all events at time of final payment.

Party Guest Details and Add-ons

*Note, we refer to guests participating in activities (skating, playzone) to be “players”.  We refer to guests not participating in the activities but requiring reserved seating as “non-players”.  We refer to the individual reserving the party space and their additional complimentary non-player guest as the “party hosts”.

All packages are priced to include eight player guests and two party hosts.  There is no maximum for the number of player or non player guests.  We will need to know the final number of players and final number of non-players the Monday before your birthday party so that we can ensure your party is provided the appropriate seating and cupcake count.   Please call 330 345-4386 or send an email to with a final count.

In order to guarantee seating for guests, each guest must have a player package (which includes activity, food, and reserved seat at party table) or non-player package (food only and reserved seat at party table).  Included in the party package is a non-player package for two party hosts. 

Additional food or activity purchases made during the party may only be purchased by the party host before final payment is made. 


Please be on time for your party.  We cannot extend your party time as we may need the seating for the next party. 

Unless stated otherwise in the party description all parties are scheduled for 2 hours.  Your party tables will only be reserved for you during this two hours.

You are welcome to stay after your party time is over but you will need to move to another table outside of the party area so we can prepare for the next party at your tables.

Eating Times and Food

Acres of Fun parties will eat the last half hour of the party. Guests with play zone wristbands may not re-enter play zone once the food has been served.

Skateland party eating times will be assigned by our staff.

Outside food is not permitted.  YOu however can bring in your own birthday cake.  Cupcakes are complementary and are included in the party price.  


 Frequently Asked Questions



Is there a deposit required?

Yes. We do require a non-refundable deposit of $30.00. Your party time is not reserved until this deposit is made. We can take your deposit over the phone with a credit card, you can pay it online via our party booking link or you can come to Acres of Fun and make your deposit. We do not accept personal checks.

Are the party tables decorated?

Yes. Both Acres of Fun and Wooster Skateland will decorate your party tables with a colored table cloth, party plates, party napkins, cups, and utensils. You are more than welcome to bring in your own table decorations. Please let us know in advance. We do not allow pinatas.

Is there seating for adults?

Due to the limited seating in the Birthday Party areas we provide seating and food for two adults with the every party package. Seats for additional can be reserved by purchasing additional food packages when you reserve the party. The food package is $3.99 plus tax and includes a medium soft drink with 1 refill, one meal (choice must be same as party), and one cupcake.

 Do you supply a cake or can I bring my own?

With any of our party packages we provide a cupcake for every party participant and all reserved adult food packages purchased. If you would like to bring in your own cake, you are more than welcome to.

Can I take my leftover food and cake?

We are more than happy to box any leftovers and store them in our refrigerator until you leave the park.

Can I bring in outside food?

Outside food is not permitted.  But you can bring in your own cake.

Do we eat or play first?

At Acres of Fun the table time is scheduled for 2 hours beginning with the start time of your party. Your host/hostess is responsible for taking care of the party during your table time. All food is served the last half hour of the party. Guests may not re-enter the play zone once the food has been served.

At Wooster Skateland your table is reserved based on the party package you book. The skating fun parties are scheduled for two and a half hours either 12:00-2:30 or 2:30-5:00 for full session parties and evening parties your table is reserved for the entire session. We schedule the food based on the length of the party. Your party will host can let you know when your party food will be served when you arrive.

Can I order additional food off the menu?

Absolutely. We offer a variety of food items and drinks at the snack bar. Only the person in charge of the party can order additional food or activities and add it to the birthday party tab prior to the final tab. Guests can order and pay individually for additional food if they desire.

What’s the minimum number of guests?

All packages are priced to include eight guests and two adult foods packages. We will need to know a final count of your party size by the Monday prior to your event so that we can provide you with enough seats. You can call us at 330 345-4386 ext 23, or email us at with final counts. When calling, please leave a message if you reach our voice mail.

Do I need to clean up?

Absolutely not! We will clean up after your party. This includes clearing the table.